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NEWS Women’s World Cup 2015

We will be collecting detailed data from every minute of the 2015 Women’s World Cup, live. This unmatched level of detail means that we can offer the following products. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Live Feeds

We have a suite of XML feeds designed to suit a wide range of needs. We will be collecting and distributing data live from every match, and our feeds range from a simple fixtures and results feed to the most granular data set containing every on the ball action complete with an x/y co-ordinate and time stamp.


Our editorial team will be covering the whole tournament, and we have a range of preview and review material available, including player profiles and comparisons, team profiles and matchday Opta facts.


We will have a range of widgets available for the 2015 WWC. This is the easiest, most flexible way to integrate Opta content into your website. Quick and easy to configure, they can be added to a website with the minimum of technical input at the clients end.

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